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When I found Pole Dance Miami and did my first class, my reaction was “omg! this is what I always wanted to do!!”. I had just figured that out… I just didn’t know that pole fitness existed! I was surprised that the slogan “addicted to pole” was actually real!

The classes are different and diversified. I am constantly learning and progressing. I love that there is always a challenge, I never get bored  and I always look forward to the upcoming class and the next goal.

Pole dance gives me motivation, teaches me perseverance and pushes me to face my fears. It helps me to overcome being shy and express myself. It also helps me not to be afraid of failure and always try again until I succeed.

I find it fascinating that if I can only use the forces of physics and gravity, the moves will flow in space freely and it becomes effortless.

The Sexy Dance is also an amazing part of the pole. I love being able to explore my sensuality in the sexy dance classes.
I really enjoy the vibe of the studio, the teachers and the students make the classes even more fun. We help each other by giving tips on learning new moves.  And when we cannot achieve them, we always laugh about it and manage to find a way to make it happen with teamwork and playfulness.

After 1 year of taking classes at PDM, I would like to thank my teachers and my friends at the studio who are always supportive. I want to say that I really love pole dance and I am so happy that I finally found the hobby that I love 🙂

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