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May 2015 – Caro

May 2015 – Caro

For as long as I could remember, I have always been drawn to all forms of creative expression.  Tired of tedious weight lifting and boring boot camps, I began looking for something fresh; different; unique.  After stumbling across this quaint studio in my own neighborhood, with the sign that read, “Pole Dance Miami- Warning Pole Can Be Addictive,” I was more than intrigued and just couldn’t resist.  Addictive, huh?  I had no idea how true that would be. 

Sure enough, after a week, I was hooked.

 As the complicated creatures we women are, Pole Dance Miami is a place that appeals to every side of that woman.   A place that caters to that inner goddess we all have within.  A place where you can be strong and sweet; sensual and seductive; bold and vulnerable; sexy and soft; scared yet daring. 

Doesn’t matter what age, shape, level, size, or weight you are; at Pole Dance Miami you will find instructors and a group of ladies that will support you, inspire you, celebrate your accomplishments, and push you to be better.  All this I found under a warm and welcoming roof where fun and fitness fuse together for an overall enriching experience. 

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