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March 2013 – Jackie

March 2013 – Jackie

When I first heard of “pole classes”, I was very intrigued so I was excited to see a deal come up on Groupon. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try, after all, I drove by PDM almost every day on the way to work. Then the emotions kicked in. I was scared, anxious, nervous, intimidated, you name it! I held onto the Groupon for almost 6 months and it was about to expire before, forcing me find the nerve to schedule my first class. Even then, I sat in the parking lot for 15 minutes debating whether or not to even enter through the doors. The instructors and I now laugh about this because as soon as I got through my first Beginner 1 class, I was hooked. I had been working out for a long time and lifting weights but I had been looking for something to help me stretch, lean out, and be more feminine. Pole has been the answer. The pole gives me new fitness goals in a fun way (do you realize the ab strength it takes to invert your body?). The staff has been absolutely amazing in making me and everyone else feel comfortable and sexy at the same time. They’ve always been so great at meeting me where I am at and pushing me to places I had never imagined I would be. I feel my body changing for the better, and I feel more confident and sexier that ever. Thank you PDM!