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Kriss – March 2011

I first saw pole dancing on Oprah and thought to myself; “Gee I wish this was in Miami.” A couple of years later while surfing the net, I saw an ad for PDM and what was so awesome about it was the location…less than a mile from my home! Now there was no excuse and I had to step out of the box/ out of my comfort zone and experience pole dancing for myself in spite of what others might say or think.
Pole dancing has changed me in more ways than I can express. Finally, after years of trying to please others and be like others, all I want to be and please is Kriss. I welcome the challenges pole dancing brings and it has helped me face challenges in my day to day lfe as well.
Sexy and addicted to pole dancing ….that’s me and I love embracing and exploring that part of my womanhood through dance. Pole dancing keeps me sharp mentality as well as physically and I have the best time doing it. I am now empowered to live my life to the fullest with a new sense of accomplishment and self-confidence.