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Karla Rengel-July 2017

Karla Rengel-July 2017

This experience started with a few friends, a groupon, and with the intention of checking something off my bucket list- a pole dance class! I took a few dance and pole classes last year, but felt lost and somewhat shy; I wasn’t strong enough to hold my own weight and after my first failed attempt at climbing the pole, which ended with a bunch of painful bruises, I gave up..but only to try it all over again this year! It’s been about 4 months of coming to the studio and slowly progressing and improving on everything i once felt impossible for me to do. I’ve learned to be patient with myself and I’ve kept in mind that with practice and consistency, anything is possible. Coming to Pole Dance Miami has been an overall amazing experience, its become my ME time- a place to disconnect from the everyday, and where neither age, shape or size matters! Thanks to the awesome instructors (who I admire for what they’re able to get their body to do- Ashley, Kat, Keisha), their patience, great energy, and PUSH (literally), as well as the support, tips and encouragement from the ladies who attend the studio, this experience has made me feel more confident in myself and my body’s capabilities, kept me motivated with every new challenge, and yes- feeling overall sexy. And as cliche as it sounds, pole dancing IS very addicting, and this is only the beginning for me. THANKS PDM STAFF, this is so much more than just a fitness or pole class for me and I’m optimistic to continue to work hard so I’ll be sticking around and practicing until I can reach new heights 🙃.  

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