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I was enrolled in my first dance class at the age of four and I haven’t stopped dancing since. I began competing regionally and nationally at age seven, and also graduated from a dance magnet program in high school. The Summer after graduating, and after my last competition; I took a break from structured dancing to enjoy college. My body, however, missed the constant training it was accustomed to which lead me to join a CrossFit program for about a year, but I was still missing dance. So, while scrolling through Groupon one day; I saw the Pole Dance Miami deal and purchased it without any hesitation. I signed up for my first class and haven’t regretted my spontaneous decision a day since. The best part is that I’ve made new friends who inspire me everyday; while exploring new styles of dance. Pole Dance Miami makes you feel good about yourself. You will quickly learn to feel comfortable in your own skin which is so important as a woman to feel sexy no matter how many imperfections we see in ourselves.

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