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Yamisel – May 2011

Looking back on it, I will forever be thankful that I decided to take on pole dancing. I started off thinking it would be just for a few classes, but little did I know how exhilarating and addicting it could be! Pole dancing is just such a blast and I love how challenging it can be. It feels amazing to watch yourself gradually progress and actually achieve a move or trick that you’ve been working so hard on. Immediately I noticed changes in my strength and flexibility as well as how great I felt inside and out. When I’m in class, it is also an escape from whatever is going on in my life outside of the studio; it has become my outlet. But of course class is always fun regardless (; I’d have to say that what I love most about PDM is the environment and the instructors. The atmosphere is very welcoming, supportive, and fun; I always feel comfortable at the studio. The instructors are all brilliant teachers and I love that there are several of them because they each have their own individual style and methods of teaching which actually help you learn because you see it from different from perspectives. I’m very grateful to have such amazing instructors as well as fellow students. In the end, words just aren’t enough to express how glad I am to be a part of...

Kriss – March 2011

I first saw pole dancing on Oprah and thought to myself; “Gee I wish this was in Miami.” A couple of years later while surfing the net, I saw an ad for PDM and what was so awesome about it was the location…less than a mile from my home! Now there was no excuse and I had to step out of the box/ out of my comfort zone and experience pole dancing for myself in spite of what others might say or think.Pole dancing has changed me in more ways than I can express. Finally, after years of trying to please others and be like others, all I want to be and please is Kriss. I welcome the challenges pole dancing brings and it has helped me face challenges in my day to day lfe as well.Sexy and addicted to pole dancing ….that’s me and I love embracing and exploring that part of my womanhood through dance. Pole dancing keeps me sharp mentality as well as physically and I have the best time doing it. I am now empowered to live my life to the fullest with a new sense of accomplishment and...

Mirey – October 2010

Absolutely, I am addicted to Pole Dance Miami. Pole dancing not only keeps me in good shape but I am also having fun while I am taking care of my body. I strongly believe that this is the best way for women to build their confidence and their femininity and still have a great workout. There are so many aspects of it that you are never bored. Whether you are doing the sexy dancing, the fun tricks, or just pole burn you always feel refreshed and empowered after a workout. WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE...

Angelina – September 2010

I am so happy that I found Pole Dance Miami and have been a part of the learning process for the past six months. Pole Dancing has been a fun social, mental and physical outlet for me. Socially, I have had the pleasure of meeting wonderful women including our sexy/lovely instructors and mentors. Dancing has also helped me mentally in that I leave all my stress at the door when attending classes. There have been times that I arrive in the worst mood and participating in the class allows me to let loose and enjoy. Physically, pole dancing has helped me finally tone up muscles that I knew were under my skin and I have developed strength that I could have never imagined having. I use pole dancing as my regular workout routine and love it. I have become a stronger and confident woman to let my inner diva shine. I now am able to better serve my patients and be a good example to them.  Thank you Pole Dance Miami for helping me feel good about myself again and I look forward to a lot more...