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I Cant Wait

I’ve been trying to find different things associated with dancing that i can do as a workout to build my strength and flexibility. I absolutely love to dance & i think working out at the gym is OKAY but is boring sometimes so pole dancing maybe would become a great alternative for me rather than going to the gym… I’m just a little worried about what my parents will say when i tell them i want to take pole dancing classes -_- But i want to try it SO badd! I’ll visit and see what it’ll be like but i’m REALLY determined to do this. it looks like so much...

Thank you Pole Dance Miami!

Hi Gwendy and Yusi! We had a great time playing with Jenyne and Alethea yesterday! We wanted to let you know that we felt so welcome in your studio by both you and your students! We arrived and could hear the girls in a workshop laughing and playing and having a blast and that is what this is all about! Keep up the great work and remember to taste the fruit….you have to go out on a limb!!!! Hope to see you...