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Lysette – August 2009

I’ve been with PDM for one month and I have already seen a huge improvement in my dancing.  The changes are from one day to the other.  It is so much fun you don’t even realize how much work you are doing the hour flies by.  I look forward to going to my dance class every...

Kena – September 2009

I have been taking pole dancing Classes since March. But I hadn’t seen a big improvement until I joined Pole Dance Miami, 2 months ago.  They have taken me to a whole new level that I never knew I could achieve.  This is one workout that I haven’t stopped doing since I signed up for the membership.  I get a great workout and at the same time I have gained confidence in myself, and have lost weight doing so.  One thing I can agree on is “Pole Dancing IS...

Courtney – October 2009

Since I’ve started taking pole dancing at PDM I have become stronger, more graceful, and my confidence has soared! At first I was nervous about trying something new but all the instructors are so patient, knowledgeable, and really talented. Seeing their passion for what they do inspires me to work that much harder. I love the variety of classes offered because I am always challenged and never bored like a regular workout. I look forward to going to class everyday! It’s truly addicting!  Thanks again! Cya next week in...

Carla – November 2009

I have been pole dancing for about a year and it has been an amazing experience.  I love to go to class and have fun learning from each teacher and their different styles.  They motivate me to work hard and practice.  Dancing has changed the way I feel and has helped me become more confident.  I look forward to another year of being pole...

Ruth – February 2010

When I first started pole dancing I did it because I wanted a change in my workout, but I never thought it was going to change my life also. Now I’m more confident than ever I’m well aware of who I am as a woman. I was a diamond in the rough. I want to thank my teachers at Pole Dance Miami because they taught me how to shine. My name is Ruth and I’m a pole...